Case Study 5/25/2016 Promoting on Youtube and Beyond!

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another online teaching case study! In this week’s case study, we are going to be discussing how to use Youtube and Your own Website To Boost Online Course Sales!
Since sales have slowed down and our own promotion on Udemy are not half of what they use to be, a lot of online instructors have begun their own marketing campaigns to dive in additional sales. I myself have build my very own Youtube channel and wanted to discuss how things have been going.
My channel (Joe Parys Academy) is a Youtube channel dedicated to helping teach as many people online as possible. My goal is to give away free preview videos to all of my bestselling online courses. This creates a win/win situation. First off, the view gets an awesome free video tutorial. Second, I get a chance to market my videos on an amazing platform and potential upsell my videos. Here is a screen shot of the beginning stages of my Youtube Channel.
As you can see I have just started the channel, but already I can see the enormous value! In one of my videos I had over 6 hours minutes viewed the very first day, and I made a full price sale directly from the link in my Youtube description! Now, I only have 9 subscribers and I am still in the process of building my channel, but I can say it’s a great place to get started making some extra sales and marketing your online courses.
Another place I am now selling my courses and giving away free courses is on my own Website!
This has proven to be a bit more of a challenge and I am still building my website as well, but the potential seems to just as great! If students find my website they will be able to enroll in my courses directly on Udemy using my own coupon codes! This again creates a massive win/win situation where I earn 97% and the students save 50% off my courses! Feel free Enroll in my free courses by going to my website! Enjoy!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s case study! There are many ways to begin teaching online, but this should give you some great ideas that have worked for myself and many other online instructors! Stay tuned next week where I discuss more online teaching strategies.
Thank you for reading our blog post today! If you have any questions please feel free to post your comments below!
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