Case Study 7/22/2016 Marketing Tips and Strategies on Skillshare

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another online teaching case study! In this week’s case study, we are going to be discussing Marketing strategies on Skillshare!

Recently I have been uploading a lot of my courses onto other platforms, especially Skillshare. In my very first month teaching on Skillshare I was able to enroll more than 2,500+ students and earn more than $2,200 in royalties!


In this blog post I wanted to share with you a one marketing strategy that will help you when creating your Skillshare courses!

Marketing Strategy #1: Should I Create A Smaller Course Or A Bigger Course On Skillshare?

Skillshare recommends Smaller bite-sized courses but they key to any course is the QUALITY of Teaching and the QUALITY of video. If you have a lot of smaller courses but the QUALTY is lacking, your courses will not do very well. Same goes for a bigger course. If you have a really big course, but the QULITY is not very good, students will give you poor ratings and the course ultimately will fail.

So, whether creating a large course or a smaller course, QUALITY will always trump either.

But.. I didn’t exactly answer the question. Longer courses or Shorter courses? While both have its advantages and disadvantages, I would learn towards creating smaller courses on Skillshare. Here is why:

1)    The more courses you have on Skillshare the more premium enrollments you can get from the same student.

It doesn’t cost your premium student any more money to enroll in additional premium classes of yours, but you do earn more for each premium enrollment in your courses! Simple math says that if you get 1 premium student to enroll in 10 of your courses, that 10 premium enrollments for you. Compared to that same student just enrolling in 1 “master class” if you decided to create a very big course.

2)    When taking online courses people do not want to watch hours and hours of video in one sitting

Most people wanting to learn online want to learn right away and quickly! With so much information at our fingertips these days students do not like watching hours or tutorials. Rather 20-30 minutes, learn something new, and then move onto the next thing to learn! Keep this in mind when creating your Skillshare courses!

3)    Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a course!

It always feels good when we finish something! With a shorter course you can give your students that feeling more often! And this also keeps your students coming back and wanting more!

So to re-cap, I think creating smaller, bite sized, courses on Skillshare is the way to go (for now J)

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s case study! There are many ways to begin teaching online, but this should give you some great ideas that have worked for myself and many other online instructors! Stay tuned next week where I discuss more online teaching strategies.

Thank you for reading our blog post today! If you have any questions please feel free to post your comments below!

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